Super Chloropyll Benefits – High Quality


now, Available in GUJARAT – RAJKOT

Concentrated, High-Quality Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, the green coloring matter of plants, is an important natural product, beneficial to humanity. The ancient Greeks, acclaimed for their proficiency with natural medicine, utilized green leafy plants for treating wounds and abrasions. The word chlorophyll is derived from the Greek word “chloros” (green) and “phyllon” (leaf).

A water-soluble form of chlorophyll is employed for the body to gain the health benefits associated with the green liquid extracted from the alfalfa plant. Water-soluble chlorophyll derivatives are currently used in deodorants, toothpaste, breath mints, mouthwash, detergents and medicine.
Unicity Network’s Super Chlorophyll Powder is a water-soluble concentrate that is naturally flavored. This product is different from other chlorophyll products on the market because it contains a higher concentration of chlorophyll. The fantastic deodorant*, bacteriostatic and nutritional benefits associated with chlorophyll supplementation make Super Chlorophyll Powder a great purchase foranyone interested in maintaining optimal health.


Historically, chlorophyll was used to help gastrointestinal problems, promote regularity, and to stimulate blood cell formation. Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been used for wound-healing to repair damaged tissue.

  • Helps cleanse the blood
  • Encourages production of hemoglobin
  • Strengthens cells
  • Improves immune response
  • Deodorizes the body, including the bowel

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.Features & Benefits

  • Cleanses the tissues of impurities and toxins
  • Helps remove bad breath and body odor
  • Helps to treat ulcers and stomach ailments
  • Helps build red blood cells count
  • Is a blood purifier and blood thinner
  • Helps cleanse the liver and kidneys
  • Absorbed readily into the body, as it is similar in composition to human blood
  • Aids digestion and assimilation of food
  • Enhances effect of vitamins and minerals
  • Enhances acidophilus bacteria growthThe Remedial Effects of Chlorophyll


“When you are green inside, you are clean inside”  Counteracts Toxins Eaten

  • Improves Anemic Conditions
  • Cleans and Deodorizes Bowel
  • Cleans Tooth & Gums Structure in Pyorrhea
  • Lessens Need for Underarm Deodorizer
  • Makes Excellent Tooth Surgery Gargle
  • Revitalizes Vascular System in the Legs
  • Reduces Pain Caused by Inflammation
  • Aids Hemophilia Condition
  • Aid in Asthma Improvement
  • Increases Iron Content in Milk
  • Improves Milk Production
  • Improves Nasal Drainage
  • Slows Nasal Drip
  • Eliminates Bad Breath
  • Builds a High Blood Count
  • Improves Blood Sugar Problems (Diabetes)
  • Provides Iron to Organs
  • Helps Purify the Liver
  • Aids Hepatitis Improvement
  • Feeds Heart Tissues Iron
  • Regulates Menstruation
  • Resists Bacteria in Wounds
  • Soothes Ulcer Tissues
  • Soothes Painful Hemorrhoids and Piles
  • Aids Catarrhal Discharge
  • Improves Varicose Veins
  • Eliminates Body Odors
  • Relieves Sore Throat
  • Benefits Inflamed Tonsils





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